OK, what else do I need to know?

So what do I do next?

I am often told by people that may be interested in starting a website, that they don’t know

  • where to start, what to say, or
  • what should be on their website.

But, they really do.

When talking to a customer, you know what to say to them, you know what to ask them, and you know how to present your service or product. Your website gives you that same opportunity to talk to a potential customer. The website is just another or maybe your only storefront.

So, where do you start such a process that is at once:

  • Technical and Time consuming,
  • Needs to be accessible now, and is required?

For us to begin, we simple talk about these things that you know so well. Once we discover what to say then we look at how to say it.

I prefer to sit down with you with just a notepad and pencil, and together we develop some sketches. Then we consider some colors and maybe some pictures. The pictures can be taken by you or, I can take them for you. Pictures of what? Well, that would be discovered while we talk.

I never bring a computer to our first talk unless requested. The details of writing code or literally creating your website just don′t matter yet. You do not need to know anything about computers, the Internet, fonts, or color schemes, etc. at all. If you do, that is fine too. I will take my notes from the discussion and generate a few concepts. This will be our starting point. You get to watch our discussion come to life. The ole “I don’t know what I want, but I′ll know when I see it” is hard at work here.

Together, we will converge the discussion into your new website.

Remember that it is your website, always, this is not an opportunity for me to show–off some new tread. I want you to be proud of the result and I hope that you will be suggesting to all of your customers to “check out” your new website, soon.

We also can obtain your business website name and your hosting service. We make it easy for you.

We always include a 100% guarantee on our work. Small changes are free for the first year. We provide portable code that can be hosted anywhere. It is always your website and you always have the final word. We promise rapid turn–around and a modern website creation that says who you are.

So, what problem can I help you solve today?

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