paulmhill88 Do it yourself

Can I just build my own website?

Sure. I find it fun, but do you have the time?

Your time may be better spent doing what you do, working on your marketing strategy, or contacting customers.

OK, if you want to try, then great. Learning is most always a good thing. So, where to start? If you get in trouble, no worries, call me.

Like most new things, a little homework and Internet searches go a very long way, a good book can be helpful, too.

How it all works

Things to know: Text editing, uploading/downloading files, formatting, photo editing

There are some easy to use template sites that “wizard” you to a modest website, e.g.,

  • GoDaddy™
  • WordPress™
  • WIX™
  • Yahoo™

Look around, there are lots of other template sites.

My Favorite Tools:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver™ 2020
  • Adobe Photoshop™ 2020
  • Adobe Lightroom™ 2020

Text Editors – pick your favorite:

  • Microsoft Word™
  • NotePad™
  • Many others


  1. Pick and buy a name for the site – often done when you order hosting
  2. Pick and place and order a hosting place for the site
  3. Use your favorite text editor or template site to create the site, code or drag–n–drop
  4. Upload the site information to the host, FTP
  5. Verify the site looks like you hoped in your browser
  6. Verify the site looks like you hoped in other browsers (sorry, many but not all use Internet Exploder, I mean Explorer™)
  7. Repeat 3–6 until satisfied
  8. Work with hosting site help desk to make it all work

Note that you can always Contact Us and ask a question about dyi. I will answer or at least direct you to where an answer is available.